Proudly grown in North QLD Australia

With over 30 years’ experience within the horticulture industry, we have a hands-on approach with all aspects of our supply chain – from paddock to customer. Rock Ridge has an experienced team who help to ensure that we produce only the highest quality fruit for our Australian consumers.

To assist in achieving this goal, we pack and dispatch 100% of our produce in-house. We have two banana packing facilities and a new purpose-built packing facility for avocados. Overseeing the grading, packing and dispatch of our own fruit gives us confidence that only the best produce is being delivered to you and your families.

Here at Rock Ridge Farming, we love what we do. There is nothing more satisfying than placing a new plant into our rich soil and watching it grow into a mature tree producing premium fruit. We love seeing our produce leave the packing facilities destined for consumers all over Australia. Farming is certainly a rewarding profession that gives us a true appreciation for Mother Earth and all the challenges, obstacles and blessings she offers us.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work together as a family and to spend each day producing premium fruit to feed our nation.